Christmas festival is the biggest festivals in the world that comes on 25th December. In this event, the Christian people share a lot of gifts, cards etc. to each other to express tier love. It spread a lot of colors in the air. This is specially awaited and enjoyed by the children. But sometimes parents get confused while selecting the Christmas gift for their kids, here are some Christmas gift ideas for kids which surely help them out in the selection of the Christmas gifts.

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1. Christmas Story Bookchristmas-gift-ideas-for-kids

You may give the Christmas story books to the kids. This is the best option if you want to clear your child concept about the Christmas. The kids can also read that book in their free time. Just pack them in the tradition Christmas color gift paper, decorate it with artificial Christmas father pics and balls and gift it to the kids.

2. Chocolateschristmas-gift-ideas-for-kids-2015

Chocolates are one of the biggest symbols of Christmas. It is in Christian culture that they distribute gifts to the children like sweets, chocolates, and toys during Christmas days. You can buy chocolates easily and wrap it in the red and green gift paper just to give them a Christmas look. Gift it to children. Kids always fondly receive the gifts especially when it is in the eatable form.

3. Cardschristmas-gift-ideas-for-him

This is the easiest gift that you give to the kids. Children love colors, they enjoy colors and they feel cheerful in the activities of colors. So always go for the colorful cards of the Christmas that show the basic colors of Christmas red and green. The kids can utilize these cards in the decoration of the Christmas. Through cards, you can express your wishes to them as well. Make the envelope or chose the envelope that is attractive.

4. Christmas Dollchristmas gift ideas for kids

Almost all the girls love dolls. Barbie and other types of dolls always fascinate them as a toy. So give your girls Barbie dolls and rag dolls in the attire of Santa as a Christmas gift and they will surely love it.

5. Coloring Bookschristmas-gift-ideas-2015

Colors are one of the most favorite thing of kids. They love scribbling with colors. Coloring books can be given to the kids as a Christmas gift. Wrap it nicely in a gift paper and their gift is ready. It will also give help in giving the concept of Christmas.

6. Video Storieskids-christmas-gift-ideas

Video stories can also be gifted to the kids as they remember things they see and observe.So kids can be given DVD with stories of the history of Christmas. It is an excellent way to strengthen the significance, history and other concepts regarding Christmas.

7. Santa Dresseskids-christmas-gift-ideas

Kids can also be given dress of Santa as Santa is the most favorite character. So the really love to dress up as Santa on Christmas. They would really enjoy to be dressed up as Santa and this can refresh their Christmas.

8. Snowball-Fight-In-A-Bucket


Snowball fight a bucket, is a very interesting gifts for kids and they really enjoy playing with it. It’s easily available in the markets and it can also be given to the kids in the Christmas and they can do snow fight with it.

9. Christmas Theme Based Cushions


Many funky cushions are also easily available in the market and it can also be given to the kids. It will enhance their look of their room and it will also add colors so it will surely love it.

10. Santa’s Stuff Toyskids-christmas-gift-ideas-2015

As mentioned above, Santa is a favorite character of kids. It inspires them since their childhood. Stuff toys of Santa can be given as a gift it will surely sparkle their Christmas. So stuff toys of Santa can also be given to them.


11. Children’s Wooden Crossesideas-for-christmas-gifts-2015

Children can also be given wooden crosses as a gift specially the teenagers. It can develop the habit of regular prayer and it also refresh their faith each time they see it. Wrap it nicely and present it to them. They will surely love this gift.

12. Christmas Jewelry for Girls



Girl of all the ages are fond of jewelry no matter what their age is. Foe girls, jewelry is the best gift to have. Very cute and funky jewelry for little girls and teenagers is available in the market. It can easily purchase and given to the girls as a gift.

13. Santa Cakes and Cupcakeschristmas-gifts-ideas-2015


Christmas and cupcakes are the best combinations. Children are fond of cupcakes. Either it’s in chocolate flavor or vanilla, but they will love it. If will become even more surprising for kids when they are decorated with fondants, so this Christmas surprise your kids by ordering fondant Santa cupcakes. Children would love it because these are very colorful and tempting. Kids would love to eat it.

14. Puzzles for kidschristmas-gifts-ideas-for-kids-2015

Puzzles are an excellent exercise to keep the young brains busy and active. It always challenges their little minds to think and create. It also sharpens their mental skills. Puzzles based on Christmas theme can also be given to the kids as their Christmas present.

15. Stationarycute-christmas-gifts-ideas-for-kids-2015

School going kids are very fond of colorful stationery in a variety of styles. They love their stationary and they are even very possessive about it. A variety of pencils, scales, colors, erasers etc. are available in different size and styles. So kids would love the Christmas stationary as a Christmas gift.

16. Santa Bagsgood-christmas-gifts-ideas-for-kids-2015

Stationary bags are available in the market in different variety and styles. Stylish Santa bags are also available in different styles. Bags based on Santa the Santa theme would be loved by the kids as their gift.

17. Christmas Utensilsbest-christmas-ideas-for-kids-2015

Funky sets base on different themes like Minion, Frozen etc. are available. Similarly, Christmas theme sets are also available with a bow, plate, glass etc. also available. If the kids are given this a gift, they will surely love it and even they would like to eat more because of it attractiveness and colors.

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