Start of December brings bundles of joy and happiness and why is it so? Oh yes! You’re getting it right. The reason behind this excitement and happiness is no other than the arrival of Christmas. Christmas’s eve, dinners, parties, Christmas home decoration ideas, Santa Claus, lights and lanterns, decoration of Christmas tree and many other little things increase the joy of Christmas.

Christmas is the yearly festival which is celebrated in most of the countries of the world. It is the religious festival of Christians but many non-Christians also celebrates it due to its history and bliss.

 Mostly people live far away from their family and friends due to studies or job issues. On Christmas, people from all over the world get together will their friends and families in order to increase the delight of the festival.As December is started already so Christmas is on the next door, excited much? Well, I am too much excited for Christmas this time because I have many things to do. 

On Christmas Eve, mostly people arrange dinners and parties at their homes. In that situation, when everyone visit your home, what will you want? If you ask my opinion, Umm I will surely want my home to look perfect or you can say it must look pretty cool according to Christmas festival. And I am pretty sure that all of surely specially the females always want their home to look good whenever anyone arrives. So don’t worry! Here I am to help you out this Christmas in decorating your home.

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My amazing Christmas home decoration ideas will give your home, a new and perfect look. And trust me if anyone of you followed these ideas, you will surely be praised. And who don’t want to be praised in front of her/his family and friends? I guess no one. So, hurry up and without wasting any time, get yourself a cup of coffee and read out these 17 amazing Christmas home decoration ideas.

21 Cool and Contemporary Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

If you haven’t started home decoration for the Christmas yet, don’t worry and follow these amazing ideas. Turn your home into a modern winter wonderland by using ferns, lights and much more.

1.White Christmas Bedroomchristmas-home-decoration-ideas-for-you

This snowy, woodland, white theme with an addition of Christmas trees is an amazing Christmas room decoration idea.All white bedding, Christmas tree placed in the corner, decorated with pines and dry leaves looks amazing with the woodland texture. The sweet lamp (from Birch Lane) at reading nook and the dried boxwood wreath hung on the antique cabinet with a shiny chandelier will give your room a soft and perfect Christmas theme. 

2. Christmas Luminarieschristmas-home-decoration-ideas-2016

Twinkling of light in winter is just magical. Star lights, lanterns, candles, Christmas lights and luminaries feels cheery. These lights welcome the cold and dark night and will give your house a perfect look for Christmas. So what you have to do is, take a glass pillar having holiday lights. Wrap a ribbon and translucent paper around it and placed them anywhere on the shelf or table.

3.Paper Lantern Christmas Home Decoration Ideas christmas-home-decoration-ideas-diy

Looking for something more attractive and easy? You can also use a battery operated paper lantern for dressing up your guest room table or shelf. Pick up a glass globe and toss the shiny lights inside them. These amazing luminaries will give your home a perfect look this Christmas. 

4. Christmas in the Kitchenchristmas-home-decoration-ideas-kitchen

So, for Christmas kitchen decoration, you have to go all red, black and white for a change. Few days back, I purchased a red ribbon as Christmas was near so I felt like buying it. So, I will be using that ribbon for making bows through which I will hung the wreaths over the sink. I will be adding few other things like white and red grocery, table cloths, curtains and a bowl of tangerines in my kitchen as it brings back my childhood memories.  Here’s how it will look. christmas-kitchen-decoration-ideas-2016


5. Winter Wonderlandcool-christmas-home-decoration-idea

Ferns tend an out doorsy and fresh vibe to your home during Christmas, whether its holly, eucalyptus, pine or any other greenery. Pop them up into trio of vases along the windows. You can also dress them up on your dining table as a show piece.

6.Festive Atmospherechristmas-home-decoration

Lights are must in Christmas home decoration. Fairy lights are used mostly in Christmas trees but you can also place them in glass jars with pines. Candles and lanterns placed on the hallway tables and in your garden will give your home an amazing festive atmosphere.

7.Amazing Gingerbread Housesgingerbread-houses-christmas-decoration-ideas-2017

And yes, don’t forget to place amazing gingerbread houses into your kitchen and dining room. Hope you had a great Christmas.

8. Turn your Stockings into Flatware Holdershome-decoration-christmas-theme

On Christmas, we want everything to look according to the Christmas theme then why not our dining table gets involved in the Christmas decor? Take your favourite stockings and use them as flatware holder. Placing them on your dining table/Christmas table will give it a perfect look. You can knit the stockings by yourself or can purchase them from market. But don’t forget, they should be red and white because as you know Christmas is all white and red with a little touch of green.

9.Make a Cocoa Barchristmas-interior-design

On Christmas, everyone visit your house one after other. And the most irritating thing is to get up everything to make coffee/tea or hot cocoa every time when guests arrive. So don’t worry because the solution is here. Observe the most suitable corner of your hall way and make a small bar or you can say ‘a cocoa bar’ there. You can place a coffee maker and jars of chocolates there too so that kids can also enjoy. Juicy gossip with a hot cup of cocoa will make your Christmas more memorable. You can get the inspiration of the setup for your cocoa bar from the picture below.

10. Use Cards to Make Christmas Treechristmas-tree-decoration-idea-for-home

We get greeting cards on many occasions. You must have got them too, right? So get them from your cupboards and choose the best ones from them for making a Christmas tree. There is nothing difficult in it so relax. Take a tape, and start placing them on the wall in an arrangement of the tree. You can do this anywhere in your room, hallway or your children’s room.


11. Decorate your Pianoholiday-decorating-ideas-for-the-home

During Christmas parties, music, piano etc. is very common. When everything at home is according to the Christmas theme then why not your piano is following it? HAHA. Place the garland over your piano and give it a perfect village display. Your Christmas carol instrument is ready.

12. Front Door Decoration for Christmaschristmas-decoration-inspiration-for-home

What is the first thing which anyone see when they come to your home? Offcourse, a front door. So it should look different on Christmas right? You can place the holiday lights with garlands around your door. An addition of dry ferns will also give it a perfect look. Now this decorated front door will remind everyone the holiday spirit as they come and go.  Let’s take a look on the beautiful decorated front door.

13.Wrap Porch Pillar with Lanternseasy-christmas-home-decor

Want an elegant look for your house’s entry? Here is the idea, wrapping lights and garlands around the pillars of your porch will create a visually inviting entryway. You can place the lanterns and candles on the steps to the front door. A wreath and planters will complete the look more perfectly. This classic porch decoration idea is perfect for every porch. You can personalize it according to your own choice by placing dry ferns, flowers and bright ornaments etc.

14.Unique Christmas Fireplace Decorationfestive-christmas-fireplace-decorations

As Christmas comes in winters so a fireplace decoration is must. Umm? Tired of using garlands and lights everywhere? Don’t worry why am I here? Decorate your fireplace by an artificial snow and place artificial deers near it. Use silver ornaments and ferns and put snow onto them for giving it a perfect winter display. You can also place dry ferns like pines over the place.

15. Staircase Decoration Ideas for Christmasunique-christmas-home-decoration-ideas

Decorating a staircase is most important for Christmas. Do you have any idea how you will decorate it? I have decorated a staircase to my room as Christmas is on the next door, so you can take a look on it and get an inspiration for yours too. No long stories, all you have to do is to wrap the ribbon around the staircase. Don’t forget, the colour of ribbon should be red (as it’s the Christmas colour). Warp around the garlands or plants according to your choice with holiday lights around the staircase. And it’s done.

16 .Give your Fridge a Snowman Looksnowman-christmas-home-decoration-idea

When everyone is celebrating Christmas then why not your fridge? Haha, I mean why not decorate it too. Fridge is something which is used too much specially during festivals like Christmas because you have to take out and put food/drinks again and again for guests. So, give your fridge a simple and easy snowman look this Christmas.

Nothing to worry about, all you have to do is take chart paper and cut eyes, nose and hat etc. from it and place them on the fridge with the help of a glue. And your snowman fridge is ready, have a look on it.

17. Put Glittery Lights in your Homeglittery-lights-for-christmas-home-decoration-inspiration-for-home

This is an uncommon and amazing idea for decorating your home. All you have to do is take colourful zero watt bulbs and glitter. Put some glue onto the bulbs and sprinkle glitter on it. Your glittery lights are ready. You can place them anywhere in your home. They will give your Christmas tree a beautiful look.

18. Homemade Christmas Hanging Basketschristmas-baskets-decoration-idea-for-home

This amazing idea of hanging baskets will give your home a great Christmas display. For this you have to take baskets firstly. You can use any baskets for it but I’ll prefer you to use dry fern baskets. Put some ferns or flowers according to your choice, you can also place gold and silver ornaments and red bows into it. Add a few pines on the front side of the basket with the help of hanging ribbon. Addition of holiday lights will complete its look. You can hang these Christmas baskets anywhere in your home but hanging them in the garden will be just perfect.

19. Decorate Home with a Wreath Triowreath-trio-christmas-home-decoration-idea

If there is a lonely wall or a door which is looking odd and you want to decorate it for Christmas, this is the best idea which will finish your problem. For this, you have to take three wreaths. Place three wreaths in a row onto the wall or door with the help of a ribbon and decorate them with holiday lights. Make bows of greeting tape and attach them onto the wreath for giving a perfect look to the lonely corner of your home. Have a look onto my wreath trio which I recently made for Christmas.

20. Paper Snowflake Stringschristmas-home-decoration-ideas-snowflake-strings

These paper snowflakes remind me of my childhood Christmas memories so that’s why I thought of hanging them into my home. They are worry easy to make, you can take a simple white paper and cut it into free shape and hanging them with the help of thread or ribbon. If you want these flakes to be resistant to rain, use a hard water resistant sheet and make them with it. If you prefer a more uniform look, you can also use stencils for making them. Hang these amazing snowflake strings anywhere in your home for a perfect Christmas look.

21. Decor Home with Chritmas Wreaths and Stockingschristmas-home-decor-2016

Last but not the least, don’t forget to hang wreaths and Christmas stockings. The humble banister is also a perfect perching post for garlands. As Christmas comes once a year, so don’t be lazy and get yourself up for perfect Christmas home decoration.

So this was all about the amazing home decoration ideas for Christmas. Hope you liked them and remember them while decorating your home for Christmas. Take care till next time. Have a blessed and joyful Christmas.

Merry Christmas with these amazing Christmas Home Decoration Ideas.

Love you!!!

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