60+ Beautiful Pictures of Hummingbirds

Pictures of hummingbirds are the photographer’s favorite object to photograph. It is very fascinating for them. As birds are made to spread colors in the universe. God has created outstanding birds and painted them with the most captivating and stunning colors. “Strong” and “beautiful” are the first words that come in mind when the image of hawk or peacock are seen but word “delicacy” and “fragility” comes in mind when the pictures of hummingbirds are seen.

It’s truly a master piece of God in the sense of exquisiteness and delicacy. It’s the smallest bird in the world with the most spectacular and fine-looking colors. It is called hummingbird because it produces humming sound by flipping its wings.The humming of wings is loud enough to be heard by the human.

The pictures of hummingbirds stealing nectar from the flowers is also an amazing thing to be photographed. The amazing fact about hummingbird is that they consume flower nectar more than their own weight in every day. It also has the highest metabolism rate. Another interesting fact about hummingbird is that male hummingbirds are always brighter in colors then the female. The make very small nest on the trees and bushes and they waive their nest in very amazing and artistic form.

If pictures of hummingbirds are closely observed, it reveals so many beautiful facts about the bird. It flippers its wings 52-80 times in a second which really sets the human mind into astonishment.It possesses unique and fragile beauty. It also possess a unique quality of hovering and flying forward and backward which can be done by few exceptional birds. But the master of all is the hummingbird.

Here, we are going to share some most beautiful pictures of hummingbirds which will make you admire the artiness and mastery of God. Enjoy!

Amazing Images and Pictures of Hummingbirds

Wings Open beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds

Majestic  beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (7)

Dancing beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (7)

Angry beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (8)

Sadbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (9)

Violet Sabrewing beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (15)

Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird
beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (16)

beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (17)

White Neck beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (19)

Looking Up
beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (20)

Pink-Throat beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (21)

Alonebeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (22)


Buzzingbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (24)

Sleepingbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (25)

beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (27)

Feeding beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (30)

Aggressivepictures-of-Rufous-tailed-ummingbirds (8)

beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (31)


Wonders of Creatorhummingbird-image

Amazing Clickbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (32)

Motherhoodbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (33)

Delicatebeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (34)

Two beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (35)

Chasingbooted-racket tail-hummingbirds-chasing

Lovely beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (37)

Resting  beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (38)

Fluttering beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (39)


beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (40)

Beautiful beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (41)

Landing beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (42)

Ready for Fight beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (43)

Amazing beautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (44)

White-tailed Hummingbirdbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (46)

Lovebeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (48)

At The Topbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (51)

Colorsbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (52)

Friends Foreverbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (53)

Long Tailbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (54)

Hummingbeautiful-pictures-of-hummingbirds (55)

Stealing Nectarcute-hummingbird-images (1)

Lavender  cute-hummingbird-images (1)

At Home

cute-hummingbird-images (2)

Rain Downpour

cute-hummingbird-images (2)

Fledglingcute-hummingbird-images (3)

Flippingcute-hummingbird-images (4)

Tongue Extendedcute-hummingbird-images (4)

Take Off

cute-hummingbird-images (5)

cute-hummingbird-images (7)


Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird

pictures-of-booted-racket-tailed hummingbirds (1)

Enjoying pictures-of-booted-racket-tailed hummingbirds (3)

Amazing  pictures-of-ruby-throated hummingbird (1)


pictures-of-ruby-throated hummingbird (2)

Tinypictures-of-ruby-throated hummingbird (3)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Picturepictures-of-ruby-throated hummingbird

Coolpictures-of-Rufous-tailed-ummingbirds (5)

Humming Birdpictures-of-Rufous-tailed-ummingbirds (6)



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