70+ Scary Halloween Costumes Ideas and Designs

Halloween is an event celebrated on 31st October every year. It is being celebrated world-wide. It has different ways of the celebration. Most of the world celebrates it by attending a unique costume parties in unique and creative Halloween Costumes. It is also called All Halloween and said to be the evening of all saints. The folklore and traditions of Halloween are a hybrid of Pagan, Catholic and ancient Roman traditions. October 31st is marked as the last day of the Celtic calendar and for believers; it is a day of celebration before winters, which brought death of nature, life and harvest. This tradition of wearing costumes came from Scotland in the year 1585. It is being suggested that the custom came from the practice of souling at Hallow tide. Most of the Hollywood movies are an inspiration for these Halloween costume tradition popular in the world. People choose costume of witches, ghosts, vicious werewolves, blood thirsty vampires and other frightening monsters. These are popular all over the world; people choose different costumes for tricks or treats around the world. This tradition was introduced by adults but as the increasing popularity of tricks and treats, children also joined adults in costumes and started these costume parties and wore creepy, frightening, spooky and funny costumes, going door to door in everyone’s home and ask for goods like candies. Now, these costumes are available and many people started business of costumes for Halloween as they observed the increasing tradition of these costumes. And now, the costume variety is more vast than before, not only the frightening monsters but costumes such as of policeman, spider man, batman, superman, firefighters and military uniforms and also historical outfits like medieval knight and Roman soldiers are also part of these costumes. Halloween is the third of greatest party holidays and in terms of business, Halloween is on second number in the amount of money spent on it by people. The Halloween season remains celebration for whole year and the fun and tradition of wearing costumes will always be the part of this culture, or possibly for much long time. Here are some of the Halloween Costumes Ideas and Designs for you which can buy to make your event memorable.  

 Scary Halloween Costume Ideas and Designs 



Scary Football Player


Gauze Reaper


Ghostly Ghost


Little Devil




Halloween Costume Halloween-Costume-2015


Little  Sorceress Halloween-costume-for-girl


LEGO  LEGO-Bride-groom-halloween-costume


Mystique Mystique-halloween-costume


Oogie Boogie






Salad Fingers


Leonardo Costume

Halloween-Costume-for-kids (1)

Little Devil


Maleficent Christening Halloween Dress


Monster Mash adults-halloween-costumes-ideas (3)


Spider Web Gauze Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween-castume -Ideas  

Plundering Pirate

adults-halloween-costumes-ideas (5)  

Princess Of The Seas

adults-halloween-costumes-ideas (6)

Little Monster 


 Assassin’s Creed  Funny-halloween-costumes (1)

Deluxe Girls Wonder Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (5)


Witch  Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (6)


Bat Girl Halloween Costume 2015Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (7)

Bleeding ScreamHalloween-constume-Designs-2015 (8)



Bobble Head Pumpkin  Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (9)


Adult Scary Halloween Costume

Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (10)




Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (11)




Safari Kid Costume for Halloween

Halloween-Costume-for-kids (2)


Halloween-Costume-for-kids (3)


Scary Clown Skinsuit

Morphsuits-for-Halloween-2015 (2)

Funny Halloween-Costume-for-kids (4)

Burgundy Graveyard Ghoul 

Halloween-costume-ideas (1)

Zombie  Halloween-costume-ideas (2)


Enchantress Halloween-costume-ideas (3)

Funny Bunny  Halloween-costume-ideas (5)


Halloween-costume-ideas (6)

Goth Rose Witch Halloween-costume-ideas (8)



Scary Tree Halloween-costumes-2015 (1)

Living Dead  Halloween-costumes-2015 (1)



Pirate Ghoul

Halloween-costumes-2015 (2)


Soul Taker

Halloween-costumes-2015 (3)

Tiger  Morphsuits-for-Halloween-2015 (3)


Halloween-costumes-2015 (4)

Evil Devil Halloween-costumes-2015 (5)

Lady Gruesome

Halloween-costumes-2015 (7)

Ghostly Goddess

Halloween-costumes-for-women (2)

Skeleton Catsuit Halloween-costumes-for-women (3)

Prom Queen

Halloween-costumes-for-women (4)



Halloween-costumes-for-women (6)


Robber Cat

Halloween-costumes-for-women (8)



Joker Helloween


Zalgo Monster Morphsuits  Morphsuits-for-Halloween-2015 (1)

Bloody Scary-Halloween-costumes-2015 (1)

Killer Scary-Halloween-costumes-2015 (2)

Bloody Doctor

Scary-Halloween-costumes-2015 (3)

Star Wars Princess Star-Wars-Halloween-Costume


White Countess



Wicked Jester Wicked Jester


Halloween Girl




City Joker  Funny-halloween-costumes (3)


Cheerleader Halloween-constume-Designs-2015 (2)


PumpkinPumpkin-halloween costume


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