42 Lovely Happy Mothers Day Pictures,Cards And Wallpapers

Mothers day is a day to celebrate motherhood and to show our love to our mothers by sharing with them beautiful happy mothers day pictures, cards, and wallpapers. Mothers are the most beautiful creation of God. They are the most special personalities in the lives of their children. The reason behind this is not because they gave us birth but because they are the one who are always there for us in our grief and hard times. Mothers have unconditional love for their children. As mothers are very special in our society so a celebration takes place in many countries of the world mostly in the month of May for honouring the mothers. In 1972, the idea of mothers day celebration was first coined by Julia Ward Howe. 


The love of a mother is limitless and her heart is the softest. The love bond between mother and her children is the most strongest one and is unbreakable. No one can ever replace his/her mother with any other relation. She is the only one who remain always loyal to you.  Every woman has to become a mother one day so it is important to treat them nicely and with honour from the very beginning.  Without the love of a mother, one can never live a happy and contended life.

On Mother’s day, people pay tribute to all mothers and motherhood. This day is celebrated by many people around the world by surprising their mothers by giving them gifts, flowers, cards and by throwing parties etc. Most of the time, small children offer their mothers with cards having quotes on them to show their love and care towards their mothers.  Mothers day pictures and cards show the feelings which a person feels inside for his/her mother. Sometimes, we want to thank our mothers for tolerating and helping us but we don’t find proper words to express our feelings to mothers. Happy Mothers day pictures are the best way to express your feeling for your moms. This is the perfect time to send happy mother’s day cards to your mothers because the words, images, and quotes on these pictures are the best way to shows your true love and respect for her.

Happy Mothers Day Pictures




I Love You MOM Happy-mothers-day-2016 (1)

Happy Mothers Day Happy-mothers-day-2016 (2)

HD Wallpaperhappy-mothers-day-pictures

Best MOM

Happy-mothers-day-2016 (3)Mothers Day Gift Happy-mothers-day-2016 (3)

Happy-mothers-day-2016 (4)Love Happy-mothers-day-2016 (5)Relation Happy-mothers-day-2016 (6)Rose Happy-mothers-day-2016 (7)

Happy-mothers-day-2016 (8)

Happy Mothers Day CardHappy-mothers-day-cards (1)

ThankYou MOM Happy-mothers-day-cards (1)HeartsHappy-mothers-day-cards (1)

Everything Happy-mothers-day-cards (1)

Mother’s Love Happy-mothers-day-cards (2)

Sweet Happy-mothers-day-cards (3)

Greeting Happy-mothers-day-cards (4)

Marvelous Happy-mothers-day-cards (5)

happy-mothers-day-pictures (1)

Respect happy-mothers-day-pictures (1)

happy-mothers-day-pictures (1)

Mother happy-mothers-day-pictures (2)

Wallpaper happy-mothers-day-pictures (3)

Happy Mother Day Pictuure

happy-mothers-day-pictures (4)


happy-mothers-day-pictures (5)

GOD happy-mothers-day-pictures (6)

Lovely happy-mothers-day-pictures (8) Beautiful

happy-mothers-day-pictures (10)

Paper Cut  happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (1)

HD Wallpaper
happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (1)

Yellow happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (2)

Forever happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (3)

Awesome happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (3)

Loving happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (4)

happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (5)

Special MUM

happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (6)

ThankYou happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (7)

Happy Mother Day happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (8)

Background  happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (9)

Creative happy-mothers-day-wallpapers (10)




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