What does inspiration means? Inspiration means to get inspired from someone’s action or getting influence from someone’s attitude or action they perform. Inspiration is the basic key to get motivation life, everyone get inspired from someone in their life. Simply, it is an action of someone that makes some other person want to do the same thing or that gives an idea about what to do. Hence, inspiration is the force of influence. Everyone needs inspiration in their lives, a poet cannot become a poet without any inspiration, definitely he has some inspiration of which he will discuss in his poetry or for which he writes his poetry.

Today I will be discussing  some of the Best Inspirational Websites out there, through which a person can get himself inspired and motivated. You can visit these websites and surely you can get inspired from someone’s thought.



1.TED TALKS – www.ted.com/talksBest-Inspirational-website

TED; a non-profit organization stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design”; it is a global set of conference ruled by Sapling Foundation. This organization conducts lectures, motivational and inspirational speeches and new inventions. Inspiring personalities talks about their life experiences in this show and teach others on the basis of their life experiences and what circumstances they have been through and what they learned from those situations.

TED has its slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading” and that’s true, this organization is all about spreading the ideas and once you start visiting these talks, you will gravitate towards TED for sure. You’ll find the best video talks and lectures from most inspiring people around the world.

2.LIFE OPTIMIZER – www.lifeoptimizer.org


Life optimizer is the inspirational site. It is about maximizing a person’s own personal effectiveness. According to them, many people live their life below their potential. The main objective of this site is that to optimize their lives, people only achieve things in life yet they can achieve much more in their lives. The main problem is that they don’t improve, there are many things in their existing life that can be made better and can be improved. This is where this site plays its role, to optimize the existing lives of people, to make their lives better than before.

3. POWER OF POSITIVITY – www.powerofpositivity.com


The site’s main objective to inspire people with positive thoughts, they discuss the positive aspect of lives rather than the negative aspects. Their motto is to change the way of thinking of people and change their thoughts so that these thoughts can create the great impact in the whole world.

4. BELIEF NET – www.beliefnet.com


This site is the great online resource for spirituality and inspiration available online, the mission of this site is to help people follow the spiritual path that lead them to comfort and releases their stress and provide hope, happiness and strength for people who are willing to explore their own faith or curious about others. You can visit this site for greater and effective information.

5.CNN HEROES – www.cnn.com


CNN Heroes gives a tribute to those inspiring people which put a great measurable effect on humanity. They show the real world heroes who are making their contribution every day in their lives to facilitate and to change the perspective of human thinking. They give speeches based on their own life stories and their experiences and teach the lesson they learned from their bad experiences and the actions which can lead the humanity to success and which is good for humanity.

6. INSPIRATION PEAK – www.inspirationpeak.com


This is an inspirational website, changing the thoughts of people and teaching them what is good about life. This website contains a number of quotes by famous personalities who changes their lives by their own thinking and by getting inspiration from the positive and good things around them. People may visit this website to access great quotes, stories, poems and ideas which can change their lives in a very positive manner.

7.ACADEMY OF ACHIEVEMENT – www.achievement.org


This site provides great inspirational thoughts to people. Their main focus is to bring students face-to-face with their heroes, extraordinary leaders and greatest visionaries and pioneers who have changed the shape of the world by their thoughts and different approaches. This site uploads different videos and quotes daily for their regular visitors to inspire their users by greatest leaders and achievers of all time. People must visit this site for inspiration and to polish their thoughts.

8.JENNIFER LOUDEN – www.jenniferlouden.com


 This website is owned by Jennifer Louden who is an inspiration of many. She is a personal growth pioneer who helped in launching the self-care movement by writing her first book titled “ Woman’s Comfort Book”, she is a great author and wrote 7 additional books on well-being and living style. She says that she is a believer of the power of self-compassion of changing the world, she believes that people must be self-kind, kind for the world and there must be no holding back in the people will result in a fairer and immensely beautiful world for all being.

9.LIGHT A CANDLE – www.gratefulness.org


It is a great inspirational site having a very vast network which offers online educational programs which inspire and guide people for a grateful living. They are focused on increasing the transformative power of personal responsibility. They provide great mindful practice based on wisdom as well as science which support our ability to observe the opportunities we get in every moment and wonders in the world and to it motivate us to act with love, respect and kindness towards each other and also towards ourselves.

10.EXPLORE FAITH – www.explorefaith.org


It is an inspirational website which is dedicated to providing the basic tools and methods for faith formation, spiritual nourishment and spreading the news of God’s grace. This site discusses problems of every religion, explores the faith, shows different faces of death and also discusses life issues. Greatly help the human to solve their personal issues.

11.LAUGHTER YOGA INTERNATIONAL – www.laughteryoga.org


This site helps those people who want to be healthy and happy, but they are being stressed-out by so many factors in their lives. This site helps to get through the problems like depression, getting less sleep and experiencing more negative thoughts and for the feeling of loneliness.

This site provides a revolutionary idea which is very simple and easy to understand, it provides an exercise routine which help people to get through all their problems. Laughter yoga is performing in social laughter clubs and is also practicing in companies and corporations, yoga studios, fitness centers and physically and mentally challenged groups of people in over 100 countries of the world, bringing happiness to everyone.

12.THE POSITIVITY BLOG – www.positivityblog.com


This is an inspirational website, helping people around the globe to change their negative thoughts into positive thoughts and to guide people about different ways of solving their problems, this site shows different ways of solving daily problems which a normal person experience, like to get out of the regular negative thoughts, cannot be happy, stress or other major psychological and emotional problems a human faces daily in their lives. By visiting this site, you can get rid of many daily life problems and can relieve stress.

13.A BUG-FREE MIND – www.abugfreemind.com


This site is being run by Andy Shaw who is very keen to change the negative structure of mind people usually have, people consider as a person having much different thought than anyone. Andy Shaw always thinks in a different manner and want people to think uniquely as well. He wants that anyone must not think of their failure. In fact, he wants to that people must always think that they will succeed in every field they are interested in. He guarantees his viewers that he will definitely bring a positive change in people’s mind.

14.WOMEN DREAM PROJECT – www.8womendream.com


This is an inspirational site whose intention is to make people believe that they can achieve their dreams as well. The authority of this site shares their own personal experiences which will inspire visitors to pursue their big goals. This site mainly operates for women and discusses the problems women faced in their life span and solution for these problems as well. They teach women how to face the bitter realities of the world and how to overcome these factors that push women down and make inferior in this world. It motivates and inspires women to help themselves get through their daily routine problems. Every woman must visit this site.

15.PROJECT EVE – www.projecteve.com


It is an inspirational website especially for women, which provides easy ways to handle their business and to make women think out of the box, they give full support to women and help women to succeed in their business.

There is a saying by Albert Einstein, he quote ‘try not to become a man of success but a man of value’, but that doesn’t mean that success doesn’t matters, success matters, but not as much as a person’s value. Try to be a man of value as well as a man of success. Follow these inspirational sites and get you self-motivated by greatest inspirations of the world.

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