There is a saying by Martina Navratilova, “Disability is a matter of perception. You are needed by someone if you can do just one thing well”. People presume others on what they can’t do, not on what they are capable of.  As far as humans are concerned, disability only means the possibility to do something, what others don’t expect from you. There are many inspirational examples in front of us who succeeded in their lives while suffering from disabilities and changed their lives and became much greater than a common person. There are some examples which I’ll discuss.



famous-people-with-disabilities He was a great American mathematician, whose work in game theory, differential equations are considered ground shaking.  He had done numerous works in the field of chemistry. He diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. After treatment, he again admitted for 9 years, where he was given shock therapy. After returning in 1970, started recovering, thus becoming more successful and as a result, he won Neumann Theory Prize in 1978 and also Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic science in 1994.  

10. ZEESHAN ABBASIpeople-with-disabilities-

Zeeshan Abbasi is a Pakistani blind team cricketer. He plays for Pakistan blind cricket team nationally as well as internationally. He made his international debut in 2000 as a left-arm fast and right handed batsman. He was awarded for the fastest blind bowler in the world.


She was an American Author, political activist and a lecturer. She was the first deaf and blind person who did his bachelors. At the age of 19 months only, she contracted an illness which doctors describe as “an acute congestion of stomach and brain” In spite of her illness, she went on to become world’s famous speaker and author. She is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities. In 1915, she founded Helen Keller International (HKI) organization along with George Kessler. This organization devoted to research in vision, health and nutrition. She wrote the total of 12 published books and several articles. At the age of 11, she wrote, “The Frost King”. She was also awarded as the presidential Medal of Freedom award. One of the United States’ two highest civilian awards.

8. SARMAD TARIQSARMAD-TARIQ-people-with-disabilities

A Pakistani national, storyteller and motivational speaker who had swimming accident at the age of 15, because of which his left shoulder got paralyzed and he was confined to a wheelchair. But, he hadn’t let his disability to overcome his progress in life. He was very determined to live his life to the fullest. Today, he has a job and is far better from many regular people. He secured world record of longest non-stop drive suffering from paralysis. He was the only athlete with the wheelchair in Lahore Marathon. He qualified to represent his country internationally and returned with the finisher’s medal and made history of Pakistan.


Muniba is a Pakistani woman and an inspiration for many of us, she had an atrocious accident in which a half of her body was crushed and a half was paralyzed. This caused her to require a wheelchair, which became the part of her life. She is a great artist, a great model, and a painter as well. Her disability brought her moral high and she started working for her success because when she was paralyzed and wrecked, none of her own helped her to heal. Now she is also a brand ambassador of Body Shop and several other products in Pakistan.


She was born with Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. She is considered as one of the most successful disabled athletes of United Kingdom (U.K.). In 1991, she did her graduation in Politics and Social administration from Loughborough University. However, she was on a wheelchair, but that hadn’t stopped her of becoming a champion in athletics. She took part in four Paralympic games. She won 11 gold medals and also won London marathon six times.


Richard Branson, what a man!! Despite his mental disability and illness, achieved success and fame in his life. He was an entrepreneur.H is teacher told his parents on an annual day that either he will be a millionaire or will be a prisoner. An English businessman and an investor, who worked without any of his personal interests, he is also the founder of Virgin Group, which contains more than 400 companies. He started his business venture at the age of 16 with a magazine titled “Student”. According to Forbes, Branson’s net worth is U.S. 5 billion dollars.Furthermore, He attempted to break world records many times. He attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean faster than previous records, again attempted along with a sailing expert and beat the record by 2 hours. That’s not the end, he crossed the Pacific Ocean from japan to arctic Canada, a distance of 6700 miles on a hot air balloon, and this record was broken with the speed of 245 miles per hour. In the late 1990s, he discussed his idea of a small and dedicated group of leaders with the legendary Nelson Mandela, he said that this group of leaders would be working objectively and without any vested personal interests to solve global conflicts. Just imagine, all these achievements and work, done with the mental disability of dyslexia, what’s your excuse then?

4. MARLA RUNYANMarla-Runyan-famous-people-with-disabilities

She is an American legally blind marathon racer. She became a national champion in the women’s 5000 meters three times. Rather she was blind, yet she scored 4 gold medals at 1992 Paralympics in the long jump. Runyon’s greatest success came out at the Paralympic games, where she has been five times gold medalist.

3. INSHA ASFARINSHA-ASFAR-people with disabilities

  Insha Asfar is a victim of the deadliest and devastating earthquake took place in 2005. In 2005, a 14-year-old girl lost her left leg up to her hip. She came to U.S. for medical treatment after the disaster. Later, she learned to ski and race on the Okemo Mountain, Vermont before competing in the first NASTAR Nationals. She also competed with more than 40 athletes in the alpine championship and was sponsored by Loon-based New England Disabled Sports (NEDS).



He is an Australian motivational speaker, with tetra-Amelia syndrome which is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all the four limbs. He wrote his first book “Life without Limits” which was published in 2010. He also marketed his DVD for young people titled “No Arms, No Legs, No Worries”. He also started a short film titled “The Butterfly Circus” which won the top prize in 2009. In 2010, this short film also won two awards of best short film and in the same film, Vujicic was awarded as Best Actor in a short film.


A well-known professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and very well-known for his book “A brief history of time”, an international bestseller. In 1963, he had a disease entitled   “Motor Neuron Disease’ and doctors said that he would only be able to live for next two years. In spite of this disease, he went on to Cambridge to become a brilliant researcher. From 1979 to 2009, Hawking held the post of Lucasian Professor at Cambridge, the same chair which held by Isaac Newton in 1663. Professor Hawking had dozens of degrees and qualifications and was awarded CBE award in 1982 for his contributions on the regional and national level. He was also a fellow of Royal society and a member of U.S. National academy of science. Sir Stephen Hawking was regarded as one of the brilliant theoretical Physicist since Einstein. Yet you complain of being unable to do what you want to do? Does it still seem difficult to you?            

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