“Never underestimate the determination of  kids who are determinate, creative, hardworking and cash poor.

This inspirational video is about the beginning of the Panyee FC ,the most famous football Club . In this video, the football players of the club are telling that how they start their football club which is very famous now.

1n 1989, Koh Panyee, there was a group of young boys who were friends and they do watch football matches every evening together on their island but none of them had ever played football. They all loved football and wanted to play it but the village in which they were living was very small. It was very hard to find space for playing football, the only sports they can play there was boat racing and telling tales about the size of fish one has caught. One day, one of the boy among them had an idea of making a football team but when the villagers heard about their plan, they laughed and said its ridiculous. The villagers showed anger towards the boys and asked them to stop. But the boys said that they will make their own football team and they will be the world’s champions. The villagers loosen their hope and make them think that they are living in a small village where they don’t even have space for playing. After that, the boys realise that the villagers are right and they don’t have space to play not even for practise.

The boys were determined and wanted to play football even if they were aware of the problems they will face. They figured that they will create their own space. The boys started collecting wood from around the village and tied some old fishing rafts together. They boys so hard even after school they did work and at last they finished their playing surface. After a lot of struggle they got their own pitch to play on. The pitch was shaky, uneven and had nails sticking out everywhere but the boys managed to play on it because they were real lovers of football and were determined to become champions.

The pitch was made on the island and the ball went into the water often and also the boys. But due to this they learned to play on a wet, slippery surface. The pitch was small so their football got really good. Still the villagers were angry on them and said them that they can’t become champions on this thing.

One morning, one of the boy among them came with a flyer from the mainland. That flyer was for one day football tournament. The boys decided to go there. They didn’t knew that if they were good enough to enter or not but they managed to go anyway. That day, the villagers support them and bring suitable clothes for them. The boys then realised that the villagers had been watching them practise and had pitched in to buy them new gear. The villagers also came along to cheer them up.

The boys got into the tournament and all of them were very nervous. But when they got going , they realised that they are better than they thought. Their skills were developed nicely on the wooden pitch. The boys realised that the big goals were much easier target than little ones. The team with its struggle made it to the semi-final. But the semi-final started very badly. It was raining heavily and the other team was really good. The boots of the boys were filled with water and slowed them a lot. The other team was two up by half time and the spirits of the boys were down and were confused about how to turn the game around. After a bad half hour, the boys got rid of their wet boots. They started playing barefoot and felt comfortable and light. It was more easy for them to run faster. By scoring two more goals, they evened their score with the other team but at last minute the other team gave a goal and won. The poor boys of village were all very disappointed but happy too that they had got this far. The villagers were so much of them and the boys themselves were feeling proud.After that, football becomes Panyee’s number one pass time. The boys built a smooth new pitch that has no nails on it then.

This is the true story of the original football team Panyee FC. There is always some struggle behind anything good. The village boys who were unable to play football in the start are now among the best players of the world. The club which they started in their childhood is now among the best football’s club in Southern Thailand.

From this story, we can take a lesson that whatever the circumstances are, don’t lose hope and try. You always get a fruit after the struggle. The same case is with us, if you want something be sincere to it and work hard for achieving it. Enjoy the video!!!





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