Valentine’s Day celebration has now become as important as the birthday are celebrated each year. If you are really bored of typical celebration, roses and chocolates then give your Valentine the best surprise by trying something new and exciting. Add little romance by trying the following different Valentines day ideas to make your Valentine the best and a memorable one: 

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Chocolates in red boxes are a very traditional gift of Valentine’s Day which a girl expects from her lover every year. Off course! Valentine’s Day is incomplete without chocolates but this time, try something new and different. Make roses bouquet of chocolates and add spice to your typical gift. To make your bouquet, you need Ferrero Rocher, red or pink net cloth, shashlik sticks and red or pink crape paper. Fix each chocolate at the tip of the shashlik stick and wrap half of it with the red crape paper to make chocolate roses. Collect all the rose chocolates, tie and wrap a color net cloth around it to give it a look of a bouquet. Later tie a ribbon. Your chocolate bouquet is ready.



Valentine’s Day cards are also one of the colors of valentines that’s significance can’t be ignored. Those words that can’t be expressed in words can be written on cards and can be saved forever as a memory. You can add handmade cards along with the other gifts. Handmade cards show the deepest love and gratitude towards your valentine and show that how much he is important for you. Handmade cards can be made in different less by using colored pages, foaming sheets, glitter paper etc.



Cupcakes and cupcakes either homemade or made on order with fondant and hearts can be the best combination as a valentine’s treat. Chocolate and Red valet cakes and cupcakes with a lot of roses and heart fondants can be a surprise for your valentine’s. Use different colors of frosting and add fondants to make cupcakes beautiful and exciting. You can present the cake and cupcakes in stylish treys to make it more presentable.



You can also make a diary or a love activity book with all the emotions you want to express for your loved one. Add love poetry, memorable moments, expectations, emotions etc. for your valentine’s and say all your heart to him. You can also write top 20 things you love about your lover. Tell him what you can never tell him before and make him feel special. It may be sound silly but it is really a sweet way to save the memories and highlights of sweet events of your life.



Candles may sound very trivial but some beautiful red candles pack with fragrances can add spice to your romance. It can be either made by oneself or purchased from the market. It can make the valentine’s romance package complete. You can take any small candles and even write love notes with the help of candles to express and to surprise our valentine’s with it.
If you want to make it yourself, then take any stylish jars and add melted wax in it. Yu can add red color to the wax. Add your favorite fragrance by using a perfume and then add the thick thread in it and let the wax get hard. Lit the candle and spread sweet smell around to make the moments special.



Nothing can surprise your lover more than the food made with your own hands. In fact, it can be the best thing to surprise your lover with. So cook your lover’s favorite meal, serve it in the most romantic way and win his heart. Decorate the table with candles, flowers and other ornaments that can enhance the spell of your romantic dinner.

For men, it is advice to take their valentine for some romantic dinner at any hotel or beach. Make her feel special, admire her, open your heart to her and tell her the importance of her in your life.



Sweetheart frame collage can be the sweet gift for your love as a valentine’s gift. You can make a beautiful collage of you and your lover by adding you creativity and imagination. In this collage, you can add all the special moments by adding the photos of those moments that you took with your lover and saved it. It will give the flashback of the sweet moments that you spent with him and also refreshes your love and relationship. You can also add dates on each picture on collage to save the sweet moments forever. For making this collage, take a wooden cardboard, borders of wood and then paste all the pictures that you love the most.valentine-day-pictures


Perfumes and jewelry are the most common gifts that are exchanged between the lovers. Though it is also a very traditional gift but it can be presented in a very unusual way. You can make DIY boxes yourself in amazing colors and a lot of creativity to add the twist in the traditional gift. Simply take a chart paper of red color and give it a shape of a box according to the size of your gift. You can add glittered foaming sheets, ribbons bows and any other thing that you like to make it more presentable and beautiful. Pack your gift in it and give it him/her.Valentines-day-ideas


Nowadays mugs can be easily printed with the picture of your choice. This valentine, give your lover a coffee mug with your favorite picture, a wallpaper or your deepest quote or song that you would like to dedicate it to him. Even if you don’t want to add a picture or anything similar, just get some stylish mugs that can be purchased easily from the market. It will defiantly become his favorite mug to have coffee each morning and it’s your love that will start his day and make it wonderful. You can fill the mug with candies, chocolates or even dry fruits to make it more sweet and lovable.

valentines -day-gift-ideas

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